• The Frontpage of PlayJoom
  • The Album view
  • The artists view, and the listing of all albums
  • The audio tracks can be played directly from the web browser without any additional player
  • Track Management in the administration section.
  • The PlayJoom Panel view in the admin section, for quick access to important parts management
  • Create playlist of an album, or get a download of a full album as zip file.

Streaming your musik in your network.

PlayJoom gives you the possibility to play your audio files whereever you want! It´s a music streaming server based on Joomla! It´s written in php and save the data about the music in a MySQL database.

PlayJoom is created with open source software under GPL / GNU license and it is free.

You can to stream and to play the music files on all clients in your local network or with over a web server on the internet. It supports mp3, wav and flac files.The clients could be a usualy web browser or a streamer client device. Also will works mobil devices like an iPhone or iPod Touch as client.

And you can to manage your music files with additional informations about the artists, the albums, the tracks. It´s shows the covers of the albums and more informations about a audio track, like the length of of track or the kind of codec.

Also you can create your own playlists with you favorite songs of your music collection.


PlayJoom, Download bei heise


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